Analyzing Harvey Specter

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An Analyzing to Harvey Specter



An Analyzing to Harvey Specter.
Suits, is an American TV show whose main character Harvey Specter (played by Carnegie-Mellon graduate, Gabriel Macht) draws a lot of critique from viewers and TV enthusiasts as to his multi character self that is Harvey Specter. The character is presented to us as the youngest senior partner of the Pearson-Hardman law firm and best closer in New York. He represents the modern day men in power through his character, personality and through his actions that will be the key topics of discussion in our essay. Why Harvey Spectra? Would be the question on everyone’s mind. Well, it is because , as a character, gives us insight into the life of a high end legal closer from his perspective as we get to witness and experience his life first hand. The following consequent paragraphs will be an analysis of Harvey Spectra day to day dealing as we explore his personality that makes him admirable to the eyes of many. One of Harvey Specter character presented to as by (Aaron 2011, Season 1) is that he is a risk taker. This is demonstrated during the time where he was shortlisting candidates on an interview for the position of his assistant. The law stipulated that for one to be a lawyer, one had to have passed the bar and based on his criterion, you must have been a Harvard graduate. So everyone shortlisted for the interview posed those qualities. However mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout finds himself in Harvey Specters’ by mistake and decides to say he was there for the interview, so when he was asked to produce his credentials he asked Harvey Specter to challenge him with any clause entailed in the vast law appendix. He is impressed with Mike Ross quick thinking and his zeal in being be a good lawyer, alongside his intrinsic ability to absorb knowledge and his vast knowledge of law. However, Mike does not have a law degree. Harvey Specter waste no more time interviewing the remaining less promising candidates and hires Mike and pretends Mike is a Harvard graduate. He acts as Mike's mentor and his direct superior, a fact if discovered would make Harvey Specter not only suffer disbarment but he may also never practice law. Despite such consequences looming, he takes the risk based on his gut feeling that Mike Ross will be the best partner for him which in the end he did. Harvey Specter also presents himself as being principled. Despite the common character pot raid by many high end, sophisticated .good looking men of class like himself to go out and have affairs with women of highly affluently people, we find out Harvey doesn’t mess around with married women, an aspect that surprises many because he is thought never to pose such a moral fortitude considering he does whatever he can to win every case in his professional life. We see that, instead of giving into the judges blackmail of accepting the false accusation that he had an affair with her wife which was not true, he stuck to his guns and found an amicable way to solve his problem with the judge considering he had a slim chance of winning against such a respectable judge in front of a jury on the grounds of having an affair with the judges wife which would have resulted into the disbarment of Harvey Specter, banishing him from practicing law and losing his reputability. Harvey Specter expresses a strong loyalty for those who have been loyal to him, such as Donna, his secretary, who stood up for her even when she hid the evidence of the memo from the evidence room that would have made Harvey Specter to lose the case on the engine that killed a factory worker and also at the time of the mock court hearing where Louis litt tried to force her that he had feelings for Harvey Specter that is why she hid the evidence (Aaron 2011, Season 2). Ray Benghazi, his chauffeur, whereby he went ahead to defend him in court when a reckless taxi...

Bibliography: Aaron .K 2011"Pilot". Suits. Season 1- Season 2. USA Network.
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