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Topics: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, The Coca-Cola Company Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Pepsi Company
This is a worldwide beverage company, which supplies soft drinks all over the world. The company has 22 brands, which range from flavors to different tastes. The company supplies the drinks to over 200 companies worldwide. It generates more than one billion each in annual retail sales. Beverage industry is a very competitive industry. In recent years The Pepsi Company has not been able to catch a break from, being criticized for marketing strategies. Pepsi Company has emphasized youth in all of its marketing campaigns (Russel, 2012). Pepsi Company faces great competition from the Coca Cola Company (Pride, 2008). Marketing

Kelly services advices on marketing strategies, which the Pepsi Company can undertake in order to outsmart the Coca Cola Company. A good marketing strategy enables a company to fetch more markets and to generate more profits. Coca-Cola Company has already taken a great share of the drinks company hence the strategies need expert advice (Pride, 2008). The Pepsi Company has suffered from bad marketing campaigns in recent years making them fall behind. They have made choice’s that have made them fall behind their rival Coca Cola, an example of this would be in 2010 Pepsi pulled out of the Super Bowl (Russel, 2012). Staffing

Kelly services involve interviewing various personnel who they think they are suitable for the job. The companies interview the correspondents on behalf of the client ("Kelly services background,”) Pepsi Company will acquire experts to work in their firm to produce quality products. Motivating the staff and training

Pepsi Company will have the privilege of acquiring already trained staff that is ready for the market. Unlike the Coca-Cola Company, it will not incur the cost of training the staff. In 2008 Pepsi Cola lost most of its marketing executive’s in a turn of events that they have yet to recover from. (Zmuda & York, 2009). With our staff, The Pepsi Company will be able to recover from their loss and...
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