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Gambaran Umum Perusahaan Macy’s
(Pertumbuhan Macy’s dari tahun ke tahun)

* 1859. Macy's first-year sales were approximately $85,000 with an advertising budget of $2,800. * 1902. Macy's moves to Herald Square in New York City.
* 1923. May Company acquire a department store company in Los Angeles, adding to its growing regional coverage in Akron and Cleveland, OH, and St. Louis. * 1930. Bloomingdale's joins Federated. First-year sales for Federated were $112 million. * 1996. Bloomingdale's opens its first California stores with four locations - three in the Los Angeles area and one in Palo is launched. * 2005. Federated begins operating nationwide under two store nameplates - Macy's and Bloomingdale's - as all regional department store names are converted to the Macy's brand. Macy's launches a new customer loyalty program, with escalating benefits for its largest customers, as it issues new credit cards for about 14 million accounts. Federated acquires The May Department Stores Company. The acquisition creates a stronger, more resourceful company with more stores nationwide. * 2008. Macy's began piloting a new localization initiative called “My Macy's” in 20 local markets as it consolidated three divisions - Macy's North into Macy's East, Macy's Northwest into Macy's West, and Macy's Midwest into Macy's South (creating a new Macy's Central division). The company celebrated Macy's 150th birthday on October 28. * 2010. Bloomingdale's opens in Dubai, the company's first international presence. Macy's ends the year with more than 1.2 million Facebook friends.


Our vision is to operate Macy's and Bloomingdale's as dynamic national brands while focusing on the customer offering in each store location.

Our goal is to be a retailer with the ability to see opportunity on the horizon and have a clear path for capitalizing on it. To do so, we are moving faster than ever before, employing more technology and concentrating our resources on those elements most important to our core customers.


* Strong brand equity
* Strong advertising
* Economies of scale
* Ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable company with strong value * Structured Code of conduct for all the company’s vendor * Healthy portfolio
* Innovating company
* Bloomingdales a subsidiary of Macy’s appeals to upscale customer to upscale customers while Macy’s offers “affordable luxury” items. * Large piece of the market share

* Macy as a declining net profit
* Downturn in economy for in store shopping
* Lack of diversification in the merchandise
* Weak merchandise departments such as mattresses, furniture, and handbags causing firm money loss * Macy’s most profitable brand (Liz Claiborne) even experiencing sale loss. * Not being able to find the middle ground between Wal-Mart’s low prices, and Bloomingdales high prices while maintaining reputation. * Macy’s has to overcome the client’s perception of the impersonality of national brand

* Open new stores to boost revenues in the medium term
* There is a growth trough overseas operation
* There is a growth of sales in the online retail spending * Many smaller stores are looking to be bought out because of the recession * Merchandise such as apparel, cosmetics, and children’s clothing are experiencing fastest growth * Robotic machines to help sales such as IPods and IPads

* Opportunities to buy out smaller brands because of its size

* The economic recession in the United States
* The increase of the minimum wages in the United States
* Intense competition in the retail stores such as Dillard’s, JC Penney, and Saks * Lower price competition
* Numerous employee layoff
* A change in customers has occurred over the past year, but Macy’s has not changes to...
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