Analysis On Wind By Ted Hughes

Topics: Wind, Mind, Metropolitana di Napoli Pages: 2 (989 words) Published: March 29, 2015
Poetry Analysis on ‘Wind’ by Ted Hughes
The poem ‘Wind’ by Ted Hughes is about the power and the ferocity of wind, the speaker puts forwards how demonic ‘Wind’ can be, it can make everything around him quiver, shiver and fear. The title ‘Wind’ is used as a proper noun, the speaker differentiates the winds in nature to ‘Wind’ he is talking about; the one he is talking about is a demonic creature. In the first stanza, the speaker changes his settings, he starts by saying there is a tempest in the sea and he is stranded in the ship, then he mentions the woods, then the hills and later the fields. The setting of field and the hills is carried forward till stanza three and four. And the poem ends with the setting of house, where the speaker is sitting with his family near the fireplace. The tone used by the speaker is of awe. He is awestruck by the destruction caused by the wind. ‘Wind’, is given demonic characteristics, it is powerful enough to change the position of the settlements, it has luminous and emerald eyes which move in a random movement and it causes wilful destruction. Onomatopoeic words are used throughout the poem to intensify the monstrous nature of ‘Wind’ and create auditory imagery of loudness. Words such as ‘crashing’, ‘booming’, ‘bang’, ‘flap’, ‘rang’ and ‘shatter’. Loudness adds up to the monstrous wind. The speaker also uses personification, in stanza 1, line 3, he says ‘Winds stampeding the fields’, winds are given a human characteristic of rushing wildly, the use of personification here is to create a terrified image of winds in the reader’s mind. It does not spare the fields. The next use of personification also related to the fields in Stanza 4, line 1, ‘The fields quivering’, however, here the field is personified, it is left terrified and cold. Perhaps this line is in continuation with line 3 in stanza 1. Moreover, in stanza 3, the speaker says ‘I dared once to look up- Through the brunt wind that dented the balls of my eyes’, Wind...
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