Analysis of The Song "Candle in the Wind"

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“Candle in the Wind”
Goodbye England’s rose,
May you ever grow in our hearts,You we’re the grace that place itself, When lives were torn apart.
You called out to your country
And you whispered to those in pain
And now you belong to heaven
And the stars spell out your name
And it seems to me you live your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading in the sunset
When rain set in
And your footsteps will always fall here,
Among England’s Greenest Hills;
Your candles burned out long before
Your legend ever will.
Loneliness we’ve lost,
These empty days without your smile
This torch will always carry,
For our nations golden child.
And even though we try,
The truth brings us to tears
All our words cannot express
The joy you brought us through the years.
Goodbye England’s Rose
From a country lost without your soul,
Who’ll miss the wings of your compassion,More than you’ll ever know. INTRODUCTION:
This song, “Candle In The Wind” was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. This song was first dedicated to Norma Jeane Mortenson who also known as Manilyn Monroe. In 2009, TV Guide Network named her No. 1 in Film's Sexiest Women of All Time. Certainly, Elton John and Diana, the Princess of Wales are good friends since then. Thereafter, when Elton John heard the news that her friend had passed away, Elton John revised this song and dedicated to Diana. He performed this song during the last farewell for Diana, where everyone can’t stop their tears flowing from their eyes. The words of the song were fitted to define Diana’s life. Elton John was never wrong in revising his song for Princess Diana because it touches the heart of everyone who knows and loves Diana very well. But the question is, who really is Diana? This song has been analyzed critically using the historical/biographical theory. Using these theories, it able to explain what does the song speaks about and because it also treated the piece as a footnote to history. At the same time, it does not only explain what each phrase actually meant, but also the true to life events of Diana, the Princess of Wales to whom the song is dedicated to. Each stanza presents different evidences that can support its analytic explanation. BODY:

Goodbye England’s rose,
May you ever grow in our hearts,You we’re the grace that place itself, When lives were torn apart.
From a fairytale bride to the strange royal life to a divorced mother was the life of Diana, the Princess of Wales. Thousands of people run from their beds at 5 AM to wake up early just to witness the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana on July 29, 1981 which was marked as the wedding century. Similarly, people woke up early not because another celebration will be going to celebrate for a royal member, but people woke up early to mourn to someone who met her fatal car crash on August 31, 1997, at it was Diana, the Princess of Wales. The first line in the first stanza says “Goodbye England’s Rose”. Wayback at the late 15th century, the rose which is also known as “Tudor Rose” become the national flower of England from 1455 to 1485. This was because during 1485, the future king Henry VII created the Tudor rose as their national flower after defeating King Richard III in war. Since then, the Tudor Rose continues to express allegiance and loyalty throughout the England. Diana was compared to the England’s rose which symbolizes love, honor, faith, balance, passion, wisdom, intrigue, devotion, sensuality and timelessness. In addition, in Greek mythology, the goddess of love and beauty was Aphrodite (Venus), and it is...
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