Analysis of the Role of Human Resource Management

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Analysis of the Role of Human Resource Management

Executive summary

The main aim of this report will explain human resource management in corporations. Human resource management plays an important role in the development of corporations. Corporations take human resource management to improve the efficiency and lower the cost. Firstly, in this report, related theories and practice of human resource management would be explained conjunctly in order to show the concepts and knowledge in the subject of human resource management. Then, this report would give a brief introduction of leadership. It would analyze different styles of leadership, mainly democratic leadership and autocratic leadership. Secondly, this report will assess the internal and external organizational environments and provides a description of how these influence and impact human resource management. Last but not the least, this report will provide some measures for human resource management.

Table of Contents
Executive summary2
1.0 Introduction4
2.0Brief introduction of human resource management4
2.1Brief introduction of human resource management4
2.2Analysis of different styles of leadership in human resource management5 3.0Influence and impact of internal and external organizational environments6 3.1Influence and impact of internal organizational environments6 3.2Influence and impact of external organizational environments7 4.0 Conclusion7


1.0 Introduction

Economic globalization is a significant trend in current world. It will systematically analyze the influence which economic globalization has imposed on human resource management. With the development of globalization, competition between corporations becomes fiercer and human resource management will play an important role (Stok, 2009). Nowadays, human resource has become the core resource of corporations and talents are the most valuable wealth of corporations. Competitive power of corporations has in filtrated from quality of products to culture of products and even efficient operation of corporations. Human resource management can improve competitive power of corporations, rational configuration of human resource and realization of strategic target. To strengthen human resource management is the needing of survival of corporations and intrinsic development. Concept of advanced management determines the success of corporations and promotes the harmonious development of corporations. Corporations should establish concepts of scientific human resource adapted with the times (Thompson & Heron, 2005).

2.0Brief introduction of human resource management

2.1Brief introduction of human resource management

The concept of human resource management refers to a process which belongs to social influences. The central aim of the organization is to finish one task. In order to finish it, one person in the group can enlist the help from other members of the group, segment the whole task into small pieces, and then assign the pieces to subgroups. Through the unite efforts of the organization, in the end the central aim is achieved by the organization (Torrington, Hall & Taylor, 2008). According to Kenny, it is indispensable for effective leadership that is the ability to integrate and maximize available resources both in and out of the organizational environment (Kenny & Zaccaro, 1983). Leaders refer to the persons who coordinate the whole process and control the development of the things going.

2.2Analysis of different styles of leadership in human resource management

Autocratic leadership, which is also called authoritarian style, refers to that all of the powers are concentrated on the leader rather than the subordinates in the process of leading. The leaders are in charge of the decision making from the very beginning to the end. They treat what they hold seriously....
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