Analysis of the poem Bright Star

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Analysis of the poem “Bright Star”
In the poem “Bright Star”, Keats expresses how he wants to as steady as a star but also wants to still have humanly pleasures with his lover. Keats worked on this poem for a number of years, but it still seems like he really did not get the concept of what he was truly writing. This poem could mean more than just about life and death; it could be much deeper than that.

The speaker of the poem expresses how he wants to be as steady as a star. In fact, right after Keats explains how he does not want to be alone, he states how he does not want to just watch either “Not watching, with eternal lids apart” (line 3). This quote emphasizes how Keats does not want to a lonely star just watching from afar. The entire octave is about how he wants to be eternal and steady like a star, but some of the things that come with being a star he does not want. Some of these things just very simple, he just does not want to watch every human thing that goes on so he tries to be both.

Keats indicates that he wants to feel those humanly experiences with his love of his life. Not to mention, when Keats comments that he would rather have his “cheek-pillow’d on [his] love’s white ripening breast” (line 10) he does not just mean that he is sleeping on her breast it also have a meaning of hearing her breathe. This quote expresses how the speaker of the poem wants to have sexual intercourses with his partner. It also expresses how he wants to climb to this climax but cannot reach it because he is dying and does not know how to reach it besides having sex.

In this scenario, the metaphor here is between the star and Keats. He is wishing he were the "Bright star" he says all these good things about the star and glorifies it because the star is immortal, and unlike him, who is sick and knows he is going to die soon. He wishes he did not have to die so that he could be with his loved one. However, of course, he is not a star and he is going to die....
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