Analysis Of The Movie 'Night Fury'

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This movie is about a boy and dragon in a village which struggles for survival from other dragons. Boy name Hiccup does not have any warrior skills. In the beginning, he really wants to fight with dragons along with his father and other great warriors to prove that he is not a coward. He shoots down a dragon (Night Fury) which he names Toothless and becomes friend with him. He trains his dragon friend and then both work together to finish the war conflict between dragons and villagers and make them realize that dragons are not danger to them. They can be their friends and that is why they should not be killed.
This movie has a good story which is kind of more attracted to kids as compare to adults but I think the story is not limited to the kids only. It is also enjoyable by any age. This movie could be about anti-racism but if we try to look for alternative ideas or subtext, we can find more lessons and subtexts in this movie. First idea could be is about the conflict between older generation and younger generation. If kids show courage and bravery to do something bigger, then older generation should appreciate them. It also is the older generation first, who needs to learn the way to bring peace and try to resolve any matters non-violently. They should behave or act accordingly and
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Hiccup (protagonist) shoots a dragon which got injured. So, another alternative idea I think is about disabled military persons and effort of civil persons to bring or integrate the disabled military persons back into society. That dragon (Night Fury) could be considered as a fearless solder on the dragons side. He is unable to flight properly but Hiccup fixes his disability and makes him a respected honorable member of society. It also shows the change of thinking of a civilized person. Using this thinking we can make the respected military person to participate to promote peace rather than spreading

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