Analysis Of Stephen King's On Writing

Pages: 3 (590 words) / Published: Sep 29th, 2017
I settled down to read, Stephen King’s On Writing, I did not snuggle into my favorite place to read, but rather the desk at my job. His description of his comfortable blue chair is his study made me wish for a more enjoyable seat to be reading his prose. But as a too busy for her own good college student I knew that work was going to have to be the place to read his prose. While receiving his telepathic messages, a passage stuck out to me. “You can approach the act of writing with nervousness, excitement, hopefulness, or even despair-….Come to it any way but lightly” (King 106). I began to think of the many times that I come to writing lightly. In my summer philosophy class I came to realize that I did not have to try hard to get a perfect …show more content…
The extra practice certainly would have benefited me, but that realization is nothing special. All the times, I could have been sharpening my craft, fine-tuning my vocabulary, polishing my punctuation, but instead I submitted essays written with the bare amount of effort. And what was my reward? A shiny A. I grew used to being complacent. Out of all King’s advice not taking writing lightly hit me the hardest, because I do indeed take it lightly. This is something I should work on, and hopefully something I can teach my future students. In the classroom, I want my students to enjoy writing and to take it seriously. It is important that they know that writing will not go away. They will need to be able to write to be able to function in this world. I hope they realize not only the functionality of writing but also the freedom it can bring. I, for example, find writing my feelings down after a particularly bad day helps my brain flush out the negativity. I would love for my students to share the feelings of flushing out your feelings on the page. The reality is more along the lines that I will be going on rants about passive voice and other grammatical errors like King does during the “Toolbox” section. I already want to do that during my field experience as it is. Hearing those eighth graders say, “they care about win” on Thursday hurt my soul. I realize that at the middle school level I should help them harvest their love for writing rather than squash their budding passion as I take off point after point on an a paper. That made me quite ashamed and gave me the idea that I should not share my writing. I do not want to pass that fear on to my future students. From now on I plan on trying not to take writing lightly. I hope to stick to this idea throughout my college

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