Analysis Of Humady Dumpty

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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the kings horses,
and all the kings men
Couldn’t put humpty dumpty together again


It's ironic how a being so fragile thought it wise to make its dwelling place the peak of a wall whose height from the ground might turn out disastrous after a fall. Is the view above worth risking its live to see? Or is his purpose more important than his life?

Lets scrutinize

Humpty Dumpty, I believe, is an indirect personification of some human beings; we understand the perils our vulnerabilities might expose us to, yet we take the risk of avoiding a fall while sitting on top of a wall. We know how fragile our hearts could become,...

This abnormality makes her a paragon analogous to Humpty Dumpty, being that she is just as vulnerable when exposed to falls from great heights. Let's call her Lily.

Lily fully understands the gravity and threatening side effects of suffering from osteopenia; she might loose her legs if her tibula fractures, or rather die from craniocerebral trauma (injury to the skull). Yet, out of all dexterities, hobbies and easy occupational fields, she decides to be a professional rock climber, the exact thing that could lead to her demise.

Would you say Lily is unwise to make such precarious decision or is she just an optimistic fellow hoping for the best regardless her shortcomings? From a profound point of view, Lily is courageous. She has decided to transcend the comfortability life throws at her due to her condition, she believes that our goals and passions shouldn’t be limited by what we think we can do or what others expect from us, rather we should learn to fly in the absence of wings.

The same synopsis can be seen in Humpty Dumpty's story. He understood the fatality his actions might lead to, but he made sure his purpose was achieved before...
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