Analysis of Anthem for Doomed Youth

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Rhyme scheme Pages: 3 (1209 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Analyse the ways in which Own conveys powerful feelings about war in the poem ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’. In the poem ‘anthem for doomed youth’ by Wilfred Owen, many techniques are used to make the poem as raw and powerful as it is. The first way that Owen conveys powerful feelings about the war in the poem is through his use of structure. The poem is in a sonnet form and is split into an octet and a sestet. The significance of structuring the poem in this way is that a sense of deep sadness and irony comes to our attention. The sonnet a form of poetry whose conventional function is love is being used to describe a sort of anti-love that is deeply moving. In addition to this the splitting up of the poem into two stanzas shows the contrast between them. In the octet Owen uses semantic fields of words that catalogue the sound of war, for example ‘die’, ‘guns’, ‘orisons’ ‘mourning’ ‘demented’ ‘sad’. In contrast the second stanza, sestet, is much more focused on the other side of war- the families of those who die in the war and the pity he feels towards them By doing this Owen powerfully contrasts the feelings of sadness anger and pity which are all feelings that are relatable during war. In addition to this through Owens use of rhyme adds to the mood and feeling of the war and poem. The rhyme scheme is ABABCDCD, EFFE GG. At first one thinks that the rhyming scheme is a regular end rhyme, however in the sestet the rhyming scheme totally changes and this draws significant attention to the lines where the rhyming scheme is changed. This also slows down the whole poem as it comes to an end and finally rounds the whole sonnet with a rhyming couplet. This gives the feeling that there is nothing more to say, the end of the poem and the end of the soldiers’ lives is definite and there are no more questions to be asked. We can see the influence of one of Owens favourite poets William Shakespeare as he loved to use sonnets and end them in a full way. His rhyming scheme...
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