Analysis: Michael Moore's Documentary "Capitalism: A Love Story"

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Katrinka Smith


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Capitalism A Love Story

In the movie “Capitalism a Love Story” by Michael Moore they talked about capitalism in all countries but mainly the United States. Michael covered the topics of Wall Street, profits for juvenile prisons, under paid workers, home foreclosures, and Goldman Sachs. He showed us in our State that the people with wealth and power are vultures and has all the power when it comes down to the economic. I thought this movie was very hilarious and very informative. Mr. Moore wasn’t afraid to touch on a topic that most people don’t want to talk about. I am familiar with this topic but watching this film has in lighting me more. Basically, capitalism is a social system which exists in all countries all over the world. The motive is to produce products and services for a profit, but it doesn’t benefit the people. While watching this film I totally agree with his portrayal of capitalism in America. of there we’re a few things that stuck out to me was the home foreclosures, and under paid workers.

In the movie Michael stated that before President Ronald Reagan died he tried to make it where people of all classes would have health benefits, homes, money for their children to be able to go to college, and pitching’s for them when they retired. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and capitalism started to form. The government and corporate are evil and don’t have the best intention for America and they only want the good life for themselves. If those changes were made back then then maybe less homes foreclosures would be happing in 2012 society.

In “Capitalism a Love Story” they showed two families being put out of their house. The first one was a family in Peoria Illinois. It was passed down to a woman from her parents. She was raised in that house and was now raising her children in it. Yet her home was being taking away from her because she couldn’t pay her mortgage. They...

Cited: Capitalism: A Love Story. Dir. Michael Moore. Paramount
Vantage, 2009. DVD.
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