A Poor Cousin Reflection

Topics: Family, Middle class, Social class Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: April 4, 2013
A Poor Cousin of the Middle Class Reflection 1

A Poor Cousin the Middle Class
David K. Shipler

A Poor Cousin of the Middle Class Reflection 2
In “A Poor Cousin of the Middle Class,” it is about a woman named Caroline Payne who was a hard worker and had a lot of motivation to work and better herself. She was not viewed from a whole person perspective. She was a typical American citizen, fifty year-old, Caucasian woman. She has a two-year associate’s degree, who works at the local Wal-Mart in Muncie, Indiana. Caroline has not lived what you call the “American Dream.” She has had a challenge trying to find ways to survive for her and daughter just be fed for dinner and clothed. Caroline has been married twice and both marriages have failed. She did not grow up with her biological father and her step-father abused her. She has four kids, three boys that live with their father and one daughter, named Amber, who is disabled. Amber has a clubfoot and mild retardation because of Caroline’s emotional assaults, not eating nutritiously, and smoking cigarettes. Caroline only got a few benefits of assistance; she got Medicaid for fix her teeth that had been damaged and social security to live off of with her daughter. Caroline has been in and out of jobs like you couldn’t believe. She would get laid off here and there, not get the pay she needed to get by, moved from state to state, city to city, and she thought her decayed teeth had to do something with her not being able to get a better job. Because her teeth were so bad, anytime she would try applying for a higher position job or a higher paying professional job, she knew she wouldn’t get the job but she would still try. There was nothing that she could do about her teeth because they had just decayed and succumbed to poverty. Caroline couldn’t do anything about her teeth; she didn’t have the money for a dentist to get them fixed. Even when she lived on welfare in Florida she couldn’t afford to get them fixed...
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