Analogy: Word and Pair

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Analogy literally means a comparison of one thing with another thing that has similar features. In this questions , the student is given pairs of words which share some relation or the other. Along with a question pair of words, there are pairs of words as options. The student is required to identify the relationship of the words given in the question pair. Keeping this relation in mind, the student should find out the pair of words from the given options that bears the same or similar relation between them. However, the given options might be confusing. It is likely that the student finds more than one option as the probable answer on reading them for the first time. Nonetheless, after a logical careful reading the difference in the relation between the words in the different options becomes clear.

Types of relationship that may exist between pair of words:

1. Synonym/Antonym:
In this type of analogy, the two words of a given pair will be either synonyms or antonyms.EXEMPLARY:IR-REPREHENSIBLE A) outstanding:reproachable
B) hackneyed:uncommon
C) charlatan:genuine
D) castigate:laud
E) obsequious:subservientBoth exemplary and Ir-reprehensible (meaning blameless) are synonyms. The words obsequious and subservient (meaning servile) are also synonyms. The remaining answer choices form an antonym pair. Hence answer is E.

2. Part/Whole: 
In these analogies, one word of a pair will be a part of the other word of the pair. e.g Musician:Orchestra: :Player:Team
Musician is a part of Orchestra as Player is a part of a team.

3. Member/Class:
The bridge here is “X is a type of/kind of Y”
e.g Apple:Fruit::Trowel:Tool
An apple is a kind of fruit as trowel is a kind of tool.

4.  Effect/Cause:
In this type,One word in the pair is the cause, and the other is the effect. That means that one word is a result, action or an incidence that the other word creates. e.g Earthquake:Tsunami: :Negligence:Accident

The bridge here is “X causes Y” or “X is the result of Y.”

5. Varying degrees of a quantity or quality
The one word of  a given pair may be better/worse/stronger/weaker form of the other pair of a given word.NOISE:DIN A) utterance:voice
B) celebration:revelry
C) motion:traction
D) sanity:treatment
E) remonstrance:sinThis analogy is based on degree. Din is a great noise and revelry is great celebration. Utterance is just a kind  of noise. The other choices does not fit in.Hence the answer is B.

6.  Definition/Evidence:
The bridge in this type of analogy is “X is a defining characteristic of Y.” CACHE:HIDEA) forgiveness:punish
B) stockpile:accumulate
C) testimony:falsify
D) treasure:money
E) intimation:fearHere Cache can be either a verb or a noun.Since the first word of the options is noun so cache is used here as noun. Cache as  a noun means a hidden place that is used to store something. So we can say that hide is a defining characteristic of Cache. Similarly to accumulate is a defining characteristic of  stockpile.     

7. Purpose/Function:
One word of the pair defines the function of the other word of a pair.SCYTHE:REAPING A) shears:cutting
B) crops:planting
C) lights:reading
D) screws:turning
E) saws:gluingA scythe is a tool used for reaping. Similarly, shears are used for cutting.

How do you solve an analogy?
STEP 1: Identify the relationship between the given pair of words. STEP II: The sentence forming the relationship should be neither too general nor too vague. Look for a deeper relationship if the relationship formed does not fit into any of the given choices or fits into more than one choice.BAT: CRICKET A) board:chess

B) ball:soccer
C) team:basketball
D) racket:badminton
E) racket:tennisThe bat is used to play cricket.If we use this bridge, it eliminates only the choice C. Let’s look for a more subtle relationship between the given pair of words. The bridge is: A bat is used to strike a ball in cricket. Also a racket is used to strike a ball in tennis. So E...
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