An Inconvenient Turth

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Earth Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Class-Environmental Science
Instructor- Charles Donahou
Williams, Queen
Title –Al Gore, An Inconvenient truth

My reason for picking this topic is, because I would like to know more about global warming. What are the real danger`s that we are facing due to global warming? What can we do to stop the exceeding rapid rates of global warming? I would like to imform other about the new knowledge that I obtain on the subect of globle warming.

Al Gore tell how people use to Think about global warming that the world was big enough and we would never have a problem. He also describes global warming as when the sun`s radiation comes in, in the form of light waves passing through earth atmosphere to heat the earth,and then it is re-radiated back into space in the form of infrared radiation, and some of the out going infrared radiation is trapped by the earth atmosphere and warms it. This thin layer of atmosphere is being thicken by all of the global warming pollution that`s being put up there. He speaks of Mr. Roger Revelle as the first person to propose measuring carbon dioxide in the earth`s atmosphere. After the first years of data he intuited what it meant for what was to come. He and a team of other designed the experiment in 1957 with the help of Mr. Charles David Keeling. they started sending these weather balloons up every day. The results of his measurements after only a few years it was startling. He drew the connections between the larger changes in our civilization, and this pattern that was now visible in the atmosphere of the entire plant, and then he projected into then future where this was headed unless we make some adjustments. Mount Kilimanjaro had icecaps 30 years ago. and now it has all melted. Mr. Lonnie Thompson, studies glaciers, and predicts there will be no more snows of Kilimanjaro within the next decade. Its also is happening in Glacier National Park, and all around the world the ice is now gone. He mentions about...
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