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Al Gores Theory on Global Warming

By khamisshiblaq5 Oct 18, 2012 501 Words
Social Studies – CAT
What al gore’s theory was saying?
There is such an assumption that people have on global warming that just isn’t right. They believe that the earth is so big that we can’t possibly have any lasting harmful impact on it. Maybe it was true at one time, however not anymore. One of the reasons it’s not true is that the most vulnerable part of the earth ecological system is the atmosphere. Vulnerable because it is just so thin, if you had a big globe with a varnish on it the thinness of that varnish is pretty much the same as the earth’s atmosphere compared to the earth itself. Therefore it’s thin enough for us to be able to change its composition. The basic science of this theory of global warming the sun ration comes in, in the form of light waves. And that heats up the earth. Some of the radiation that is absorbed that warms the earth is radiated back into space in the form of infrared radiation. Some of the outgoing infrared radiation is trapped by the layer of atmosphere and held inside the atmosphere, and that’s a good thing because it keeps the temperature of our earth within certain boundaries, keeps it relatively constant and liveable. But the problem is this thin layer of atmosphere, is being thickened by all of the global warming pollution being put up there. And what happens because the atmosphere is thickened more of the outgoing infrared is trapped, and so the atmosphere is heated up worldwide. That’s global warming. There is such an assumption that people have on global warming that just isn’t right. “They believe that the earth is so big that we can’t possibly have any lasting harmful impact on it” (Gore, 2006) The ice is melting, The sea is rising, hurricanes are blowing, and it’s all your fault, scared? Don’t be its not true! Ipcc because all the science say it’s true, no longer environmental instead its political preventing development Holocene period much hotter than today

Polar bears survived as there with us today we now have tech Major ice core serves all show the same thing, that the temp rises and drops and then c02 follows, after a few hundred years. They say c02 goes up then temp follows however ice core serves show exactly the opposite therefore the fundamentals of their argument are completely false. C02 is a natural gas and is made by all living things. Volcanoes let out more c02 than all the planes, cars, factories and any man made c02 all put together. More still comes from animals and bacteria 150 gigatons a year compared to a mere 6 and half gigatons from humans. Even more c02 come from dying vegetation in the autumn. However the most by far is the sea

Gore, A. (2006). The inconvenient truth. Retrieved May 15, from 13 Mar 2009 15th

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