An Argument on Being Single and Getting Married

Topics: Wedding, Marriage, Divorce Pages: 5 (1935 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Being Single is Better than Getting Married
A very good morning to the chairperson, honourable judges, my lovely oppositions, timekeepers and my fellow friends. Today, I would like to present the motion about ‘Being Single is better than getting married’. A very simple question, what is ‘marriage’ and what is ‘single’? According to the Cambridge dictionary, marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman which they live as husband and wife that is legally accepted. Single is a male or a female who is not married. Ladies and gentleman, are you aware that problems have plagued families as a result of marriage? Getting married is not as simple as it looks—it is definitely not just the organization of a wedding ceremony, nor just about having sexual intercourse with your other half. Taking full responsibility of the children and their welfare is also equally important in a marital life. It is both a prerequisite and a duty which those who want to have children cannot avoid. The extreme difficulty in accomplishing this duty is indisputable and this can be easily proven by the challenges modern parents face today. Money consists of a critical part of today’s modern life and thus, many parents nowadays find it really difficult, even challenging, to achieve a balance between spending time with their children and earning the money necessary for the family’s daily spending and basic needs such as housing, food and educational needs. Due to the parents’ conscious neglect or unconscious blind eye to the children, children are painfully disappointed as their parents are not spending quality time with them. Quality time spent with children is not only integral to cultivating the children’s inner values and mental horizons; they play a groundbreaking role in strengthening parent-child relationships. Thus, lack of quality time would hinder the children from being cultivated and all-rounded and force the child’s relationship with parents to remain in a state of fragility. So, what is the point of getting married if parents do not acknowledge that children need their parents’ constant presence and guidance to grow instead of only having presents??? The world population is increasing rapidly and the statistics have proven it!!!!! 7 billion in the world, with 28 million in Malaysia alone. And this is all a consequence of uncontrolled marital reproduction. In the short term, the fast population growth would benefit our country as we would have more than sufficient manpower and intelligence to break through the insurmountable barriers in technological progression. Nevertheless, after a certain period of time, the massive growth in population would prove too much for our country to cope. In 1979, in acknowledgement of the potentially dangerous effects of overcrowding on the national economy, the Chinese government implemented the ‘one-child policy’ controversially which restricts families to have only one child. Although this law has prevented 400 million births since 1979 to 2011, excessive demands in housing in China have prompted the dramatic rise in property prices which left many Chinese families financially handicapped. As reported in this year’s newspapers, many families in China have to stay in farms and even in toilets as a result of not being able to afford a decent apartment. China is at least 10 to 20 times bigger than Malaysia, and its population of around 1.4 billion people is 50 times more than Malaysia’s, so how can Malaysia afford to have overcrowding? Due to the excessive population, deficiency in food supplies and provisions would occur whereby many people would starve and die. Because spare land would no longer exist, many people would be rendered homeless. Unemployment would skyrocket because there would be so few jobs catered to an extremely large population. Overall, the country would be suffocated and the economy would come to a standstill. It would happen similarly in other nations should overcrowding prevail and...
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