Amul- the Taste of India

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AMUL means "priceless" in Sanskrit. The brand name "Amul," from the Sanskrit "Amoolya," was suggested by a quality control expert in Anand. Variants, all meaning "priceless", are found in several Indian languages. Amul products have been in use in millions of homes since 1946. Amul Butter, Amul Milk Powder, Amul Ghee, Amulspray, Amul Cheese, Amul Chocolates, Amul Shrikhand, Amul Ice cream, Nutramul, Amul Milk and Amulya have made Amul a leading food brand in India. (Turnover: Rs. 67.11 billion in 2008-09). Today Amul is a symbol of many things. Of high-quality products sold at reasonable prices. Of the genesis of a vast co-operative network. Of the triumph of indigenous technology. Of the marketing savvy of a farmers' organization. And of a proven model for dairy development.


In the context of Decision Technique models, we have targeted four major Amul products i.e. Amul Milk, Amul Butter, Amul Ice creams and Amul Chocolates. A critical study has been made on these products where close analysis of its Demand Patterns, Supply and Distribution Methods, Transportation Model and the variations in Competition etc is done. Each product exhibits different patterns and behaviors in the techniques and models applied. Close comparison has been made for all the four products and we have tried to draw analysis based on the facts and figures that were available to us.


Amul follows a distinctive transportation model as far as its transportation is concerned.The major production units of Amul are located in Gujarat. Major distribution hubs are located in and around the periphery of the production units. Since Amul produces majorly perishable goods, it becomes mandatory to follow a proper and smooth transportation of goods. Physical distribution is a very important part of the whole business. The transportation of "Amul Products" to the stores that sell Amul butter, Milk, Ice-cream is a big...
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