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A project report on

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
For the degree of Master of Business Administration

University Of Pune

Full Name of Student

Under the guidance of
Name of Guide

In the Year-2011-12

S.N.J.B’s Late Sau. K.B.Jain College of Engineering,
Neminagar, Tal- Chandwad, Dist-Nashik, (M.S)


I hereby declare that this Project Report titled ( Name of the Research Topic) submitted by me is based on actual work carried out by me under the guidance and supervision of (Name of the guide) Any reference to work done by any other person or institution or any material obtained from other sources have been duly cited and referenced. It is further to state that this work is not submitted any where else for any examination.

Date: Signature of the student
(Name of the Student)


This is to certify that (Name of the Candidate) has completed the Project Report (Name of the Research Topic) under my guidance and supervision, and submitted the Report according to the norms laid down by the University of Pune. The material that has been obtained from other sources is duly acknowledged in the repot. It is further certified that the work or its part has not been submitted to any other University for examination under my supervision. I consider this work worthy for the award of the degree of Master in Business Administration.

Signature of the Guide

Date: (Name of the Guide)

INDEX (Tentative)

Project Report Hand-Book
© S.N.J.B’s COE Dept. of MBA
AMUL is the pride not only of Gujarat but also of entire country. I have great pleasure in preparing this project of such organization. A person aspiring toenter in management profession must have practical knowledge of the subject. The objective of industrial training is to develop practical knowledge in student as a supplement to the theoretical study of management in general as well as industrial. It provides foundation to students intending to pursue a career in this field. The industrial training is the most exciting experience of the education. Every person needs some changes from the routine education. For this training industry is selected by me and fetch information about different products of ‘AMUL ’, and its activities. But I concentrated more on taking information about Marketing for AMUL Chocolates to promote AMUL Chocolates.

As I am student of management and the future Manager the training play vital role in my education. Because of the industrial training I have knowledge of industrial environment and I felt hat this would be the part of my life. I become conscious that I am the manager of future and I should also learn hoe to solve managerial problem and fulfill others requirement at the time. I have tried my best to represent all relevant data and information relating to my project work. I hope this report will serve the purpose of the readers

The story of AMUL inspired 'Operation Flood' and heralded the 'White Revolution' in India. It began with two village cooperatives and 250 liters of milk per day, nothing but a trickle compared to the flood it has become today. Today Amul collects processes and distributes over a million liters of milk and milk products per day, during the peak, on behalf of more than a thousand village cooperatives owned by half a million farmer members. Amul has become a symbol of the aspirations of millions of farmers; creating a pattern of liberation and self-reliance for every farmer to follow. The ‘AMUL revolution’ started as awareness among the farmers grew and matured into a protest movement. Over four decades ago, the life of a farmer in Kaira District was very much like that of his counterpart anywhere else in India. His income was derived almost entirely from seasonal crops. The income from milch buffaloes was undependable. Private...
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