Topics: Abnormal psychology, Antisocial personality disorder, Borderline personality disorder Pages: 5 (1146 words) Published: September 16, 2013
1. The key theme in humanistic therapy is
A. emotional expression.
B. self-responsibility.
C. philosophical reasoning.
D. self-criticism.
2. According to psychologist Martin Seligman, depression is largely a response to A. learned helplessness.
B. manic elation.
C. sexual abuse during childhood.
D. chronic negative circumstances.
3. For the psychologist, abnormal behavior can be thought of as expressing distress of some kind that obstructs one's ability to function. Because this is such a broad definition, it's best to think of the range of behaviors from normal to abnormal as A. statistical variations.

B. entirely dependent on diagnostic assumptions.
C. observable patterns.
D. lying along a continuum.
4. Which of the following statements regarding the DSM-IV-TR is most accurate? A. The DSM-IV-TR offers therapists a firm foundation for estimating the degree to which a given individual is afflicted with a specified disorder.

B. Critics agree that the DSM-IV-TR system of classification has successfully increased the reliability of diagnoses without necessarily increasing their validity.
C. The DSM-IV-TR offers therapists a means of determining causal factors underlying a specific psychological disorder. D. Critics of DSM-IV-TR argue that the classification system overemphasizes physiological factors associated with specified disorders.

5. Xenophobia is to fear of strangers as claustrophobia is to fear of A. heights.
B. closure.
C. social situations.
D. enclosed spaces.
6. _______ drugs focus on efforts to change the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain. For example, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors concentrate serotonin in synapses between neurons. A. Antidepressant

B. Antipsychotic
C. Mood stabilizer
D. Anti-anxiety
7. Regarding perspectives on abnormality, what is the common ground between the medical and psychoanalytic perspectives?
A. Both view abnormal behavior as rooted in biological processes. B. Both view abnormal behaviors as symptoms of underlying problems. C. Both view abnormal behaviors as learned behaviors.
D. Both assume that people's thoughts and beliefs underlie problematic behavior. 8. Among somatoform disorders, hypochondriasis is to obsessive concern about one's health as a/an _______ disorder is to marked physical symptoms with no identifiable physiological cause. A. hysterical

B. dissociative
C. conversion
D. obsessive
9. A therapist determined that Alice depends on relationships with others to find some shaky ground for her self-identity. In this context, Alice has always been devastated by rejection of any kind. Alice is most likely to be diagnosed as suffering from a/an A. narcissistic personality disorder.

B. sociopathic personality.
C. antisocial personality disorder.
D. borderline personality disorder.
10. In psychodynamic therapy, a primary focus is on penetrating the client's A. apathy.
B. defense mechanisms.
C. expectations.
D. unconscious hostility.
11. In which of these statements is the scientific rationale for distinguishing Type I and Type II most clearly illustrated? A. If subjects X and Y are identical twins and X is diagnosed with Type 1 schizophrenia, we can be nearly 100 percent assured that Y will also develop Type I schizophrenia. B. Type II schizophrenics are most likely to be a threat to themselves and others. C. The symptomatic profile for Type I and Type II schizophrenia is different. D. Type I schizophrenics are most likely to be a threat to themselves and others. 12. In the context of rational-emotional behavior therapy, which of the following is considered an unrealistic and irrational idea? A. It's not a big deal when things don't go the way I want them to. B. We must be accomplished and successful in every aspect of our lives to feel like a worthwhile person. C. How I view a situation effects how I feel about myself in that situation. D. No one in my life should love me and approve of what I do. 13. Which symptoms would...
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