American Needle vs. Nfl

Topics: National Football League, Supreme Court of the United States, Sherman Antitrust Act Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Assignment 2- American Needle

In the American Needle Inc. v. NFL case, the American Needle Inc. brings action upon the NFL in pursuant to the antitrust laws, more specifically pertaining to Section 1 of the Sherman Act. American Needle Inc. argues that each NFL team separately own their logos and trade marks and Reebok should not be able to receive exclusive rights to the headwear for each team, rather let each team be able to have whichever manufacturer they please to make their equipment. The major parties in this case include the plaintiff, American Needle Inc., which is a headwear manufacturer located in Illinois. The defendants of the case are the National Football League and their teams and owners and Reebok International, a marketer of sports apparel and headwear.

The five counts alleged by American Needle are as followed. First, by the NFL’s agreement with Reebok to grant them exclusive rights to the headwear, the defendants have unlawfully monopolized each market. The markets include, the market of obtaining licenses to sell, manufacture, and distribute apparel and headwear of each of the NFL teams, the wholesale market of sale of apparel and headwear for the trademarks of each NFL team, and the market for the manufacturers of apparel and headwear incorporating the trademarks of the NFL teams. As a result of the defendant, American Needle Inc. is damaged in an amount of excess of five million dollars. The second count, by their agreement upon exclusive license to Reebok, the defendants have unlawfully conspired to monopolize each of the markets stated before. As a result, American Needle Inc. is damaged with the same amount of five million dollars. Thirdly, upon the agreements between the two defendants, with intentions of creating a monopoly, have attempted to monopolize each of the markets. Leaving the plaintiff with damages of the amount of excess of five million dollars. The forth count of the case, upon the agreement; the defendants have...
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