American National Politics Study Guide

Topics: United States Constitution, Articles of Confederation / Pages: 5 (1145 words) / Published: Jul 30th, 2013
American National Politics – Quiz 1

1. Lincoln Author of “gov’t by the people, of the people, and for the people”

2. Democracy Invented by the Greeks and used to govern their city-states

3. Elitism a theory including “hyperpluralism”, “gridlock”, “blame game”, “beraucratic rulemaking”.

4. Current views Political power is actually held by 5,000 or so people “at the very top” of our banks, corporations, universities, military. The “best and the brightest” rule

5. Popular sovereighty The right to rule comes from the consent of the governed. The people have the power.

6. Republic It means the same as the term “indirect democracy”. Bothe terms are interchangeable

7. Ambivalance Having conflicted feelings… being at the same time attracted and repelled

8. Thomas Hobbes A Philosopher with a dark view of human nature. We surrender our rights to gov’ts because “life is nasty, brutish, short. Protection and security cannot be taken for granted

9. Monarchy The right to rule comes from DNA. Being the first born son of the existing ruler
10. Directorship The right to rule comes from having more guns than any challenger. The strongest rules

11. Classical democratic theory By exercising their voting rights the people rule. Citizen participation equals power

12. Natural rights rights that existed prior the govts and society thus they cannot be taken away

13. Direct democracy No representatives or senators are elected because all citizens make all the decisions

14. Politics Who gets the cookie. The authoritative allocation of values

15. Policy What course of actions govt has adopted to respond to a problem, issue or opportunity.

16. Couch potato politics “ Majority of Americans think it is possible to be patriotic without getting involved in political or civic life”. They refuse to accept the responsibility of national citizenship

17. Political culture It is the “glue”, the “mortar” that holds Americans together despite our

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