American Musical History

Topics: American Civil War, Music, Civil war Pages: 4 (1390 words) Published: April 1, 2013
In American musical history, thousands of composer, musician, singer, and songwriter contribute its life for music. Two names must be mention in early this earlier history, one is John Hill Hewitt, and the other is Stephen Foster. They were born at the same era, they both leave many great musical works even they have different life. John Hill Hewitt was born in 1805 within a wealthy family. His family was full of musical atmosphere. His father James Hewitt was a music publisher, composer, and musician; his sister was a pianist; his brothers took over his father’s music publisher company. However, Hewitt’s father didn’t want him to follow the same path as he do. He pushed Hewitt away from music, and tried to let him become an artist. He wanted him apprentice a sign painter in Boston. Hewitt rejected to become a sign painter, and run away. His farther also tried apprentice him to a number of other field, but neither of them had accept by Hewitt. Finally, Hewitt entered West Point, the United States Military Academy under his families’ assurance. Even he entered the academy; he still didn’t pay attention on his study. His grade was pretty bad at all. At the end of the program, he didn’t have the grades to graduate. But he received his instruction in music, from the leader of the Army bandmaster Richard Willis. After Hewitt leave West Point in 1823, his father invited him to join his theatrical company as a leading songwriter and musician in Augusta, Georgia. He started to love South as a native Northerner at this point. Good times don't last long; the theatrical broke up because all their instruments and props were lost by a fire. His father return to New York, but Hewitt stay in Augusta and open a music store to selling instruments, also as a music teacher. After a year, he moved to South Carolina, to study law. In 1825, Hewitt wrote his most famous song “The Minstrel's Return'd from the War”; the song published by his brother. He was 24 years old in this year....
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