Ambiguity Analysis

Topics: Culture, The Culture, Sociology, Communication, Morality, Ethics / Pages: 3 (696 words) / Published: Jan 23rd, 2017
The secret path to understand the relationship between ambiguity and coherence might be simple as it seems to be. In other words, to assimilate and having total understand of coherence, people must fully comprehend the importance of ambiguity in their lives. One explanation comes with a question: how to fully understand your own cultural traditional without ambiguity? If people's mind is not open for diversity, therefore they can no longer see how different or similar their cultural tradition is from others. Sharing cultural diversity is the main purpose of this book, and in the introduction David Samuels explained his interests in the San Carlos Apache's cultural traditions. He mentioned that sharing culture is extremely confidential, and …show more content…
For a better understanding of language, people must talk to each other(conversation), as well as to understand music better there should be another kind of conversation between people, not necessarily in a formal language but clear enough to touch souls. Then, here comes the sense of ambiguity making clear the unclear to help understanding how important it's to have cultural diversity. Changing lyrics of a song is one of the strong characteristic of an Apache, sometimes if you try to literally follow the text of their song it's impossible to say what the song is about?! However, the whole combination of sounds, rhythm, pitch, speed, of the music determines what the song is representing, Apaches often change the lyrics to some sort of noise that, after all, it wouldn't make sense if there was an actual English …show more content…
It became important and sometimes crucial depending on what activity you're involved. However, it wasn't so helpful to the Band Era (pp. 97). As stated by Samuels, due to the modern bureaucratic state the San Carlos Reservation faced extremely serious issues of loss of language and cultural practices. English was becoming more predominant among Apaches due to the entire process of "civilizing" in the indigenous community. Luckily, some of the "untranslatable" Apaches words fit perfectly into musical rhymes bringing to the listeners the exact feeling Apaches wanted to describe. Musical expression is as important as the lyrics, but musical expression becomes even more important when talking about the relationship between language and music in the Apaches community. Furthermore, people today can listen to some of the interesting words Apaches use to express their feeling for music. These words can touch even though you don't understand their meaning proving that real music is what connects people's soul and lead you to a peaceful endless

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