Ambassador Car

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"Had HM (Hindustan Motors) continued to evolve the Amby1 over the past 60 years without changing the DNA, it would have been the Rolls Royce of India. It can still turn the clock around and become a best-seller in a new avatar that exudes contemporariness and quality."
-Dilip Chhabria2
"In the present shape I don't think the Ambassador has got any chances of revival. It doesn't make any business sense."
-Deepesh Rathore, Emerging Markets Automotive Advisors3

Hindustan Motors was the first Indian automobile company to start production in India in 1942.
For almost 40 years after its inception, the company was the market leader in the Indian automobile market. Its success revolved around the first ever car made in India- The Ambassador. Modelled on the Morris Oxford series III, it is a hardy vehicle suited to Indian roads and conditions.
The Ambassador is to India what the Chevrolet is to the United States. In many ways, the clatter and bang of the Ambassador, is the heartbeat of India. For years, one could buy any car in India, as long as it was an Ambassador. It is the only car which has been driven over the Indian roads for more than five decades. Following is a timeline of Hindustan Motors’ history:
1942 - Hindustan Motors Limited was incorporated at Port Okha in Gujarat as a small assembly plant for passenger cars.
1948 - Hindustan Motors Limited shifted its activities to Uttarpara in West Bengal and set up facilities for manufacture of cars and trucks.
1971 - Hindustan Motors Limited further diversified its activities by setting up an Earthmoving
Equipment Division at Tiruvallur, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu for the manufacture of Earthmoving equipments such as dumpers, front-end loaders, crawler tractors and so on.
1985 - Hindustan Motors Limited commenced a Power Products Division at Hosur, Karnataka for manufacture of heavy duty transmission required for Earth moving Equipments.

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