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The Advantages of Hiring an External Advertising Agency
Many companies such as Dinty Moore have attempted to market and advertise using in-house personnel. Using in-house associates to market a product can be successful if they are familiar with the product and the customer base. Often time, companies select to stay in-house due to budget restraints. Budget, skill set and product knowledge are a few contributing factors used in determining if it is feasible to use in-house associates or hire an external agency. If the campaign is a” make it” or” break it” campaign for the company, it may be necessary to hire a reputable marketing company to spearhead the project. Otherwise the risk of failure is too high and costly to keep in-house.

There are multiple reasons why Luis should hire an external advertising agency for the Dinty Moore campaign. It could be because they do not have sufficient skill and talent in house to research and create a campaign or there is not enough time to product a quality advertisement. It could also be that they need professionals because the competition is growing and Dinty Moore is losing customer base and revenue. It could also be that Dinty Moore wishes to attract new customer and strengthen the loyalty between the company and the existing customer base.

Listed below are three good reasons Luis should hire an external advertising agency to promote and market for Dinty Moore: (1) they are the professionals, (2) they can add quality and enhance the brand name and (3) they bring experience and new ideas. As professionals, they are abreast of any new trends or advertisement strategies. The bring experience to the table which allows them to make decisions based on past history. They were trained specifically for this type of job and know the ins and outs of advertisement. The external agency will be able to do a market analysis of who will buy the product, who likes or dislikes the product and why. This information, will...
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