Alternative Fuels

Topics: Petroleum, Greenhouse gas, Automobile Pages: 4 (1522 words) Published: February 20, 2014
Alternative Fuels
People in America do not realize the fact that driving their vehicle is one of the regular activities that they do that has one of the largest impacts on the earth. With more and more cars in use each day, the more fossil fuels are called for. Fossil fuels are natural fuels that were formed from the remains of living organisms. These fossil fuels typically take millions of years to be formed. Since most fossil fuels are being imported due to it taking a huge amount of time to reform and be used to make new gasoline, the demand for fossil fuels increase along with the prices for gasoline in America. To reduce such costs, alternative fuels were created to lower the price and use of foreign oils due to our low production of fossil fuels. Alternative fuels are fuels that have been derived from renewable resources or produced domestically in our own country instead of using imported fossil fuels. They were created to be used as energy that kept the environment in a cleaner, healthier state, and reduce the polluted air that we breathe in due to the exhaust and emissions coming from the conventional fueled vehicles. There are a number of different types of alternative fuels, ranging from biofuels and compressed natural gases, to electricity and weather power. All these types are currently still being researched and developed. Alternative fuels and its vehicles have the government, vehicle manufacturers, and consumers responding to the topic in positive ways in the more recent years. With the growing trend of alternative fuel use, society will become more conscious of how damaged our environment has become and want to put an end to it. Although people have found creating alternative fuels to be expensive with its limitations, it should become a top priority due to the rising oil prices and current environmental concerns.

With America’s dependency on foreign oils, having alternative fuels will lower oil prices and decrease the possible...

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