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All the Comforts of Home
Personal Chef Service Executive Summary
All the Comforts of Home will provide catered gourmet dinners in the Ahwatukee area of the East Valley. This "personal chef" service with a goal of providing supplemental income to the owner, will focus on intimate dinners and small dinner parties. The meals will be prepared in the client 's home with fresh ingredients purchased specifically for the selected meal. Serving sizes will be for 2-8, with a focus on intimate dinners for two.

A market analysis shows that spending on meals away from home is substantial and growing. Within Arizona, 2004 sales are projected to grow 6.5% to $6.27 billon. As spending on meals away from home increases, a shift in the demand for quality and convenient options has been observed by the Economic Resource Service (ERS) of the US Department of Agriculture. They suggest that there is a trend toward meals with more variety and amenities usually associated with full-service restaurants. This trend provides a growing opportunity for a "full-service" meal provided by a professional in the convenience of the home. According to an Entrepreneur Magazine article by Paul and Sarah Edwards, today 's 24/7 lifestyle leads to busy people who love to have meals fixed for them in their own homes.

All the Comforts of Home will focus on the Ahwatukee area of Phoenix, where the annual income exceed $100,000 in 35% of the 30,000+ family households and exceed $150,000 in 14%. The result is 10,000 households in the target market, with 4200 households that will get more consideration based on annual income.
Research on direct competitors indicates that most want a commitment for a week of meals with prices of $16.25 per person. However, these prices are much lower than charges from those few direct competitors that will prepare a meal for a single event. Single event prices range from $140-$440 depending on the menu selection. All the Comforts of Home will be

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