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All Rivers Flow Into the Sea (Philosophical Speech )

By ishhhy Aug 05, 2013 350 Words
“All Rivers Flow into the Sea”

‘All rivers flow into the sea’. It may sound a direct statement and of course a virtually true phenomena to you all. But moving onto a philosophical mode, there may be different interpretation of this idea.

Good morning everyone, I ishita gupta of class XI commerce section stand here to deliver a speech onto the topic-“all rivers flow into the sea”. Yes, I know that all rivers flow into the sea and lose their individuality but this topic, when seen from a different angle can teach a great lesson of life. Friends, just as journey of thousand leagues began beneath ones; all disciples’ follow one mentor; all trees make one forest; all rivers flow into the sea, similarly all our small aims take us the big and ultimate goal of our life. But, millions of words, lakhs of examples and thousands of meanings would be short to explain this 6 words line. Well being straight I will say the beginning matters. Let me share a great saying by Julia Cameron with you: The grace to be a beginner is always the best prayer for an artist. Beginner’s humility and openness leads to exploration, exploration leads to accomplishment and all of it begins at the beginning with the very first positive step. I can also say that, it is better to master small skills than to accumulate a big fortune. And this is not only true for humans but Bible, Quran, Geeta and Gurugranth teach us the way to reach the same God. Also it is like using a lift or an elevator or a staircase to reach the same floor. Or I may say it is like studying in resonance or bansal or fiit-jee to crack just one exam i.e IIT. My clear cut interpretation was on the real words i.e all rivers flow into the sea. So here I rest my river of words and hope that you all will take this message seriously and into account in your life. Thank you and have a nice day… :-)

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