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Topics: Love, Marriage, Kumi Koda Pages: 1 (493 words) Published: December 14, 2013
What is love? That's a question people never cease to ask, but is it a question that can really have a right or wrong answer to? Is it a fact? Or is it a feeling? The way I see it, love is a feeling; an emotion. I believe that love is also something that changes over time, and is sometime used out of context. When a young child says he or she loves candy, is it the same love a man has for his wife? No. I highly doubt the child is wanting to marry and raise a family with a candy bar. See, I believe that love is an emotion of affection. When the child says they love candy, they're referring to the fact that there's nothing more in the world that they want more; or at least in that moment. Now is that the same as a husband to his wife? In ways yes. With both a child and a spouse, love is a reference to the fact that they want nothing more in life than that. Although more in depth and longer lasting than a child's reasons, I feel that the meaning is, in a way, still there. However, I also feel that "love" is a word that's abused, especially among teens. How often are they in a relationship that hasn't been lasting more than a week, and are already claiming to "love" each other? Being a senior in high school, I can tell you first-hand that this is quite common. But, maybe to a teen, his or her knowledge and understanding of what love TRUELY is, is limited; that as far as they know, it really IS love to them.  So how is love obtained? I think love is something you earn, and it's earned over time. One can not simply just love someone from the very start. When you TRUELY love someone.. It's a trust that the other person earns; it's not just given. When I think of telling someone, like my future wife, that I love her ill think of it as a promise. A promise to cherish her, to be with her until the end of our days. To care for her, always be there for her, and make her number one in my life. To work as a team, and to always be there for her. So why is it important? Love is...
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