Alison S Coffee Shop Quiz 1

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Alison’s Coffee Shop Quiz 1

1.    Who is the person in the case that is the decision maker and what is her role?

26 Year old Alison Lewis is the person in the case currently in the marketing department for Cameco. Born and raised in Martensville, Saskatchewan, she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and did very well in University. (Graham 12) Alison, a potential entrepreneur has a good background in the coffee industry and she is driven with ambition and passion, not to mention locality and financial stability.

2.    What is the problem that needs to be addressed?

The problem that needs to be addressed is if Alison should start up a new business or stay at her stable job. Cameco pays her an annual salary of $58,000 and could potentially receive a raise to $75, 000. Alison has all the tools necessary to start her own Coffee Shop, and the town has an above average of people that drink coffee which is at 67%. (Graham 47) However there is some competition with Tim Horton’s and many citizens work in Saskatoon.

3.    Why has the problem or issue arisen – what has led to this situation?

The problem has arisen due to the fact that Alison did not enjoy her work at Cameco. Although her future looked bright she wanted to start her own business with coffee, something she was passionate about, even though she was unsure of how successful it might be.

4.    When does the decision have to be made – right away, or sometime in the future?

The decision must be made by the end of the week as the building could be sold at any moment. (Graham 9)Will Alison throw away her three years at Cameco to pursue her passion of being autonomous and running her own Coffee Shop. If she chooses to leave Cameco, she must then decide if she wants a franchise such as Mako Coffee Bar or want her own independent brand.

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