A New Joe on the Block

Topics: Starbucks, Preference, Coffee Pages: 5 (1533 words) Published: April 5, 2013

1. What are the top three key decisions faced by Joe?
a) The best location for the coffee shop:
Joe needs to find out the strategic location for the coffee shop. The location he chooses can effect the profit achievement of the coffee shop. b) Understanding what makes a coffee shop popular:

Joe needs to think a solution in how to do in order to make the coffee shop popular and maintain the popularities. Maybe he needs to create something new and more contemporary by follow the time being but still maintain the taste of coffee with the local preferences. c) Know the consumption pattern in United States:

Provide coffee with the suitable taste of American by making black coffee with nothing added and also no sugar added.

2. What are the deliverables that an outside researcher should produce to help Joe with the key decision? An outside researcher should produce in order to help Joe in decision making by providing additional information. a) The location: Joe needs to know the strategic location for the coffee shop he want to built up by looking the surrounding market like, how many competitors in the market, how far his coffee shop with the competitor, how the competitors run their business, when people crowded the area and the location of the supplier. b) Popular coffee shop: Find the consumer behaviour and study more details about them and find out the benchmark for the coffee shop to make people know the coffee shop. c) The consumption pattern: from the research he made he noticed that people in the United States like the local taste of coffee and like the taste of coffee served at the Starbuck.

3. How relevant are the coffee taste studies cited above? Explain The coffee taste studies cited are relevant because it helps Joe to get additional details of information about the coffee shop and get the overall study about the market, consumer behaviour and also the competitors. a) Firstly, based on the surveyed for 100 consumers in front of the small organics shop, it show to use the behaviour of coffee drinkers, the attributes of popular coffee shops. It can be used as a research to provide something with their taste. b) Secondly, by referring to the other studies made by an individual about the coffee taste preferences from different locations. It is show to use about the consumer taste and perception of them to the coffee shop in the area.

4. What flaws in the coffee taste studies should Joe consider in trying to weigh the merits of their results? The flaws in the two studies should Joe consider in trying to weight the merits of their results are: I. The study on a sample of 100 people at an organic shop. It is not strong enough to use as a major references because the interview he made is not for the real market he wants to enter and the consumer answer from the consumer in the interview is too general, which is not the hardly to analyst the target consumers. II. The study on the individual research opinion. It is cannot be used as a references in determine the behaviour of the consumer taste because it is not fair enough. The research is too depending on the person opinion only about the tasted of coffee and it can create bias for the research.

5. Briefly relate this situation to each of the major stages of the marketing research process. The marketing research process consists of six processes:
I. Defining the research objectives:
The process of discovery and more towards rather than confirmation and justification in order to determine the goals need to be achieved. Refer to the case study of “A New Joe On The Block” before he started the business. Before Joe wants to run the business he need to set up an objective to be achieved like the three key decision which is to find out the best place for the coffee shop, how to build up a popular coffee shop and what the consumption pattern in United States....
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