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Mariah Vasquez
Alicia Augello Cook was born on January 25th 1981 in New York. Alicia started playing the piano at age seven and began to take piano lessons. She grew up in a single family household with her mother due to her father’s absence at the age of five. Alicia first noticed her passion in music at a very young age and always dreamt of making it big and performing but never thought that it would actually happen. She had a lot of faith and took everything she did very seriously.

Alicia Keys is a very bright and dedicated woman who is very passionate at what she does regardless of what it is. When she was in high school, she graduated at age 16 as Valedictorian with an academic scholarship to Columbia University. At the same time, Alicia was also first signed to Columbia Records as a solo artist. With that said that meant she had a lot to do and show for and dedicate her time to. This led to her dropping out of college and also pursuing her career as a music artist. Most people at that age would have little to no support as a musician. They would be talked out of pursuing their careers, but Alicia had a very supportive mother who pushed her to drive for what she believed in. And so doing, she continued her career and showed what she could do and how successful she could be, and turned out to be. Alicia’s type of music is a mixture of pop, R&b jazz, and soul. She was the first artist to come out and bring back these types of music and put them into one to make it her own type of style. Many people were shocked when she came out with this music, but it captured all of their attention. By age twenty, she already had 12 million albums sold and had millions of fans around the entire world. She would write her own music but was also very private about her personal life. She had a lot of songs about relationships but most of the time they were never personal. She...
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