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What does the story suggest about tradition and change?about gender roles?about community?
The Lottery is all about tradition ,and it takes place every summer. A random person is picked to be sacrificed in hope of better crops the next years. As Old man Warner would say “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon”. People celebrate the lottery as if it was Christmas or new years eve. Little hints and shocking conclusion suggests that the ritual has lost its true meaning over time. And since the beginning of is unknown so is the end. People have gotten so used to it now that they cant even imagine going against it and those who do want to stop practicing are scared of what might happen to them. Traditions are suppose to be a way for families and generations to come together as one community and link with each other. Jackson writes that even though they know little to none about the origin of the lottery ,they still preserve the tradition. The ritual is so natural and casual to them that they feel powerless to change it. And even though there isn't anyone forcing them to keep following it they still keep doing the ritual year after year ,because they don't the village to return to primitive times .Another reason why they wouldn't stop the ritual is because they don't want to question things. They don't want to ask themselves about the murders the commit each year because its too much work. They would rather just keep killing people just for sake of killing ,then go home and go about their normal life, come back next year and kill some one else. The tradition of the lottery is what makes
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