Alexander the Great vs Napoleon Bonaparte, What I Got so Far

Topics: Napoleonic Wars, Alexander the Great, Napoleon I Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: April 17, 2013
When we think of Alexander the Great, we think of an outstanding war hero. When we think of Napoleon Bonaparte, we think, again, of an outstanding war hero. If a random person were asked who either of these rulers was, their first response would be a fact about war. Alexander and Napoleon share similarities in their warfare, and how they used it to conquer and establish new lands. Alexander the Great’s strong perseverance and incredible battle strategies led to increase his power over his empire. Napoleon used his intelligence and skill of manipulation to earn respect and support from the French people, which gained him great power. Both men had similar qualities attaining leadership but their strategies to reach this were very different.

Alexander the Great was King of Macedon, a state located in Northern Greece. Aristotle tutored him until the age of 16, and by the age of 30 he had created one of the largest empires in the ancient world. As he was undefeated in battle, Alexander is considered as one of history’s most successful military commanders and his battles and strategies are still taught at military schools worldwide.

Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as Alexander the Great, was born on a bright July day in 356 B.C. and died in June of 323 B.C. During his lifetime he was: King of Macedonia (336-323), Pharaoh of Egypt (332-323), King of Persia (330-323), and the King of Asia (331-323). From reading that alone, it is known that he was a conqueror and successful ruler. Alexander was the son of his predecessor Phillip II who passed away in 336 B.C. leaving the throne, a strong kingdom, and a very experienced army to Alexander. Alexander was awarded to be general of Greece and went on to complete his father’s military expansion plans. With this set up now, King Alexander wasted no time. In 334 B.C. he invaded the Persian-ruled Asia Minor and began a campaign lasting roughly ten years. During this campaign, specifically the battles of...
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