Alexander the Great

Topics: Army, Alexander the Great, Military Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Christopher Guinansaca Mrs. Mannion Period -62-19-13

Was Alexander really Great?
Throughout the years there were many arguments and doubts of Alexander the Great is actually “great” as they say he was. But in my opinion I have more than enough information to state he was indeed classified as a great warrior and man. First of all he was an outstanding leader, nobody can compare to his leadership. Not only he would lead his armies’ constant victories, but he would always fight side by side with his men, would feel the same wounds and cuts as his men. In Fact, he was the last great commander to take this risk. Alexander the Great was a great military strategist and planner. He knew how to do battle. He extended the border of Macedon into India with great strategy. In fact, military academies all around the world still teach Alexander’s tactics today! And of course the most important accomplishment from Alexander was when he had beaten the most powerful and largest army at the time, the Persians. Alexander the Great paid his military so they could fight full time and have the best equipment for fighting and war and would split every treasure or money he gained equally with every single one of his men. The most respectful thing he has done was in, 333 Alexander moved his army east and then the Persian army met in battle at the city of Issus. Alexander was outnumbered, which caused Darius to have the idea of definite win to bring his wife, mother and three children on battlefield. Yet Alexander wasn’t ready to back down he used creative military formations to beat Darius's Persian army. Darius saw his army being defeated and fled leaving his entire army and family behind. Alexander then attacked the Persian royal camp where he gained lots of riches and captured the royal family. He treated Darius's wife, mother, and three children with respect. They begged for mercy thinking...
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