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Alexander the Great|
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Alexander was the son of Philip II of Macedonia. He was born in Pella, Macedonia’s capital city in 356 BC. Alexander was tutored by Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers and smartest men of the time, from when he was 13 until he was 16. He was also leader of the Companions, which was a group Philip II made to protect him from would be assailants (Alexander the Great Biography) (

In 340 BC Alexander’s father, Philip II, left for Thrace. While he was away, he left Alexander in charge of the kingdom. While Alexander is in charge, a Thracian tribe of Maedi in north-eastern Macedonia started a rebellion. Alexander took swift action. He assembled an army and led them against the rebels. Alexander was easily able to defeat the rebels and capture their city, which he renamed Alexandropolis. At the age of 18, Alexander was given a commanding rank among the senior generals of Macedonia as they invade Greece (Alexander the Great Biography) (Culverhouse) (

The battle of Chaeronea, in 338 BC, was the final battle between Athens and the forces of Macedonia. It is a hard vicious battle that proved to be very taxing on both sides. However, the Macedonian forces pull out a very narrow victory and Athens is finally subdued. In celebration, the Macedonians decide to have a Dionysus festival when they return home in 336 BC. While attending this festival, Philip II is approached by an ex-lover with whom he had a child. He had earlier promised that the child would have a high ranking place in his army, but now he refused to acknowledge that the child even belonged to him. Philip II was so conceded that he assumed the woman was approaching him for another night of pleasure, but instead she killed him by slitting his throat. After his father is slain, Alexander takes over as ruler of the Macedonian Empire in 336 BC (Alexander the Great Biography)...

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