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the most imprtant things

By footballry98 Oct 01, 2014 296 Words
20 Facts about Alexander the Great

Alexander was born on July 20, 356 B.C. in the Pella region of Macedonia. His parents were King Phillip II and Olympia.
Alexander’s mother created his own creation.
Olympia got struck with a lightning bolt when Alexander was in the womb. This lightning bolt was supposedly Zeus. Alexander had to deal with people trying killing him since he was born. King Phillip II taught Alexander the art of war and left an experienced war machine for him. Alexander showed his equestrian skills to his father and the people that were watching when he tamed Bucephalus at age 12. Aristotle liked to impersonate Archilles when he role-played with his tutor Lysimachus. Aristotle was hired when Alexander was 13 by King Phillip II as a personal tutor for Alexander. Alexander ruled Macedonia when he was 16 years old when his father went to go create an army. When Alexander was 18 years old, his father gave his son a post among the senior generals as the Macedonia army led an invasion into Greece. King Phillip II died when he was the Macedonian king, so his son, Alexander took over at the age of 25. Alexander learned about philosophy, science, medicine, morals, religion, and logic. Alexander heard that his mother was planning to kill him when he was young, so he had her and his two brothers killed. Alexander had a favorite horse named Bucephalus and he used it for all of his wars. When Alexander’s horse died, he had a city in India named after it. Alexander always carried the book of Iliad with him.

When he was 18 he became the head of the cavalry.
His first battle was with Chaeronea.
He was a king by the age of 20.

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