Alexander the Great

Topics: Alexander the Great, Philip II of Macedon, Achaemenid Empire Pages: 7 (2086 words) Published: November 4, 2008
Bataan Christian School
Panilao, Pilar, Bataan


Presented by:
Jedd John A. Castillo

Presented to:
Mrs. Vanessa H. Acuzar

Social Studies III

Date Presented
October 4, 2008

Setting ..

Library of Alexandria– Shepperton Studios, London, England •Pella/Babylon/Indian palaces and myths cave– Pinewood Studios, London, England •Alexandria (effect back plate)– Malta
Temple of Pallas Athena, Mieza and Macedonian horse market– Essaouira, Morocco •Gaugamela– desert near Marrakech, Morocco
Babylon gates– Marrakech, Morocco
Bactrian fortress– Lower Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Hindu Kush (effect back plate)– Himalayas, India
Macedonian amphitheater– Morocco
Hyphasis– Mekong, northeastern Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand.

Characters ..

*Alexander - He was one of the most successful military commanders of all time and is presumed undefeated in battle. *Olympias - was an Epirote princess, the fourth wife of the king Philip II of Macedon, the mother of Alexander the Great and queen consort of Macedon *Philip II of Macedon - king of Macedon from 359 BC until his assassination in 336. He was the father of Alexander the Great, Philip III and possibly Ptolemy I, the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt. *Hephaestion - son of Amyntor, was a Macedonian nobleman and a general in the army of Alexander the Great. He was "... by far the dearest of all the king's friends. *Darius III - was the last king of the Achaemenid Empire of Persia from 336 BC to 330 BC. He was deposed during Alexander the Great's conquest. *Roxana - was a Bactrian noble and a wife of Alexander the Great. *Ptolemy I Soter - was a Macedonian general under Alexander the Great who became ruler of Egypt *Aristotle - was a Greek philosopher, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. *Craterus - was a Macedonian general under Alexander the Great and one of the Diadochi. *Parmenion - was a Macedonian general in the service of Philip II of Macedon and Alexander the Great *Philotas - was the eldest son of Parmenion, Alexander's most experienced and talented general.

Plot ..

The film is based on the biography of Alexander the Great, the King of Macedon, the first Macedonian Emperor who conquered Asia Minor, Persia and eventually Ancient India. It provides a glimpse into some of the key moments of Alexander's youth, and his invasion of the mighty Persian Empire, until his death. It also outlined his early life, including his difficult relationship with his father, Philip II of Macedonia, the conquering of the Greek city-states under the League of Corinth, and the conquest of the Persian Empire in 331 BC. It also details his new plans to reform his empire, and the attempts made to reach the end of the world. The storyline begins in 356 BC with Ptolemy I Soter, who narrates the story throughout the film. In lavish sets and images Stone shows his vision of Alexander's daily life in the court of his father, Philip, and portraying the strained relationship between his parents. Alexander grows up with his mother Olympias and his tutor Aristotle, where he finds interest in love, honour, music, exploration, poetry and military combat. Late on, his relationship with his father is destroyed when Philip marries Attalus' niece, Eurydice. Thereafter Philip is assassinated and Alexander becomes king of Macedonia and the rest of Greece. After a brief mentioning of his punitive razing of Thebes and burning of Persepolis, Ptolemy gives an overview of Alexander's west Persian campaign, including his declaration to be the son of Zeus by the Oracle of Amun at Siwa Oasis, his great battle against the Persian Emperor Darius III in the Battle of Gaugamela, and his eight-year campaign at Hydaspes against Porus in modern day Pakistan), both of which are shown in the film. The plot also illustrates Alexander's private relationship with...
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