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Alexander Fleming

Med 241

Introduction To Pharmacology

Professor Cornett

March 25, 2014

This Paper is submitted in partial fulfillment of the Associate of Science degree in the Medical Assisting Program at Southern Technical College

Scottish biologist, pharmacologist, and botanist Alexander Fleming born August 6, 1881 in Ayrshire, Scottland made an accidental discovery that revolutionized medicine. Encouraged by his older brother Tom Fleming who was already a physician, Alexander decided to enroll at St.Mary’s Hospital Medical School in 1903. Qualifying with a MBBS degree in 1906. Alexander excelled with scores at the top of his class graduating with merit. Alexander continued on with his studies to London under Sir Almroth Wright a pioneer in vaccine therapy. In 1908 Fleming gained a BS degree with gold medal in bacteriology and became a lecturer at St.Mary’s until 1914.

Fleming was one of the first doctors in Britain to administer Asphenamine a drug effective against Syphilis that was discovered by German Scientist Paul Ehrlich in 1910. During World War 1 Fleming had a commision in the Royal Army Medical Corps. And worked as a bacteriologist studying wound infection in France. November 1921 Fleming discovered Lysozyme an enzyme present in body fluids such as saliva and tears, that has a mild antiseptic effect. This was the first of his major discoveries and was a significant contribution to the understanding of how the body fights infection. On September 3, 1928 Fleming noticed a culture plate of Staphylococcus aureus had become contaminated by fungus and the colonies of Staphylococci immediately surrounding the fungus had been destroyed where other Staph...
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