Alessandra Strozzi Letter Analysis

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Taylor Webb
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Alessandra Macinghi Strozzi Letter 5

Alessandra Strozzi wrote many letters to her children which can convey to us the importance of family in Florence during the Renaissance. Alessandra’s husband Matteo died, and so these letters are written from the perspective of a widow, not a married woman. In Women of the Renaissance by Margaret L. King, it states that widows of the Renaissance could dispose of the family wealth themselves and were also able to carry on their husband’s trade. In this case, Alessandra took on the responsibility of finding spouses for her children. The following letter is written from Alessandra to her son Filippo concerning finding him a wife and shows how much thought was put into finding a spouse during this period.

Alessandra states that it is her deepest wish to live with Filippo and that nothing could give her more comfort. This statement shows us how important family unity was as Alessandra states just how much she wants to live with her son. She then says that if she did live with him it would be a much bigger comfort to her than it would be to him because she needs him more than he needs her. Alessandra then states, “And the reason is because I can only do badly without you, but you can do everything without me.” These two similar statements show just how important Filippo is to Alessandra and how she believes that he no longer needs her help to succeed in life.

In the next paragraph Alessandra begins addressing the topic of finding Filippo a wife. She states that if Francesco di Messer Guglielmino Tanagli were to give Filippo his daughter, then they would be a good match. Alessandra believes that she is the best option available. This is clearly important as it tells us who Alessandra wishes for her son to marry. Alessandra then mentions the da Vernia match, but that from what she’s heard she is clumsy and looks like a peasant. This shows how honest Alessandra is with her son about...

Cited: King, L. Margaret. 1991. “Women of the Renaissance”. The University of Chicago Press. Chicago.
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