Renaissance and Baroque Humanities

Topics: Walter Raleigh, Elizabeth I of England, Christopher Marlowe Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Hum2232: Renaissance/Baroque Jill Werlink Florence Neubauer 3/11/13 Women on the Move-Discussion Wkst 2

Professional Women in the Renaissance
1. A) The first professional published female composer was a woman by the name of Madalena Casulana. Madalena was upper social class, because she was born into an aristocratic family in Venice, Italy. The type of music she was most known for publishing consisted of madrigals; composition of three to four unaccented voices written in vernacular text and used word painting to highlight mood and meaning. B) The foundation of choreographed dance that enabled women’s professional involvement differs from the Consort of Ladies in that the Consort of Ladies was a group of professional singers that entertained the courts. (102 Words) 2. The artist who created Portrait of a Noble Woman was a Bolognese woman by the name of Lavinia Fontana. Lavinia Fontana’s husband was an artist as well, although, gave up his career to help raise their eleven children which was very rare during this time. The painting, Portrait of a Noble Woman, epics a young bride dressed lavishly and accessorized with gold, pearls, and rubies. The bride is wearing a rich red velvet gown which enhances the overall virtues of wealth, loyalty, and gentility a woman at this time would bring to a marriage. Fontana definitely portrays this bride to be a woman of importance. The humanist, Alberti, views women of any social class as caregivers and should be universally timid, soft, and slow. (125 Words) 3. Two female leaders of this time were Joan of Arc who led France to victory and Queen Elizabeth of England. Joan of Arc was only sixteen years...
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