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Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Female, Sex Pages: 3 (1267 words) Published: April 18, 2013
 Aaron Dickens
ENGL 003
Spring 2013
Dr. Kpalukwu
Chances are you've seen an alcohol advertisement in your lifetime. Whether it was on TV, or you saw a poster walking down the street for the produce, everyone has seen them. The use of alcohol to persuade an audience that the only way to really have a good time has be used since advertisement first started. Today alcohol is used as a party starter, and even a statement of wealth and sophistication. Regardless alcohol is now used as an accessory rather than just something to drink.

To understand how alcohol is sold to the drinking community, I surveyed eight magazines where I believe I would find alcohol advertising in. Majority of the articles were found in vacation and business catalogs, suggesting that business and pleasure occur with both alcoholic beverages. After analyzing 13 ads, 2 different marketing brands, and 8 magazines that catch the audiences eyes, I have concluded thats todays alcoholic beverages are sold by using three critical advertisement strategies, SEXUAL, DESIGN, and FASHION appeal.             The scene of the ad takes place at night in a sky-rise apartment in some thriving metropolis.  In the apartment, the drapes are for now pushed aside while a woman, perhaps in her 20s, stands straddling a man, with an indefinable age, sitting in a 60s-style chair with only his legs and forearm visible.  The man holds a martini and the woman holds a drink mixer while seductively looking into the hidden face of the mystery man.  The man is wearing a business suit and the woman wears the clichéd “little black dress” paired with studded black heels.  Both the male and female are Caucasian.  In the left foreground is the picture of the product, a Skyy Vodka bottle sitting next to a martini on a table.  The main appeal to sex is made by the body language between the man and the woman, as the man’s legs are in between hers and her posture and leering facial expression scream “seductress.”  Another...
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