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Topics: Marriage, Wedding, Love Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: May 4, 2013
4 Weddings and a funeral

Is a comedy fiction book written by Richard Curtis. Number of pages:67 level 5.


Four Weddings and a Funeral was the most successful film of 1994. All over the world, people were charmed by this romantic English comedy. The Penguin Reader version has been written from the novelization of the film, and is a very, very funny book. Charles is a charming and good-looking young Englishman, with a delightful group of friends. But he has a problem – although he loves women, he just doesn’t want to get married. Also, he’s rather shy. He meets Carrie, a beautiful and sophisticated American woman, at a wedding, and although it’s obvious he likes her, he’s much too shy to make advances to her. So Carrie has to make the first move. A romantic comedy begins, as the couple meet at three more weddings and a funeral. One of the weddings is Carrie’s, but it’s not Charles who she’s marrying. One of the weddings is Charles’s but he’s not marrying Carrie. Finally, Charles finds the courage to declare his love, when he realizes that he can’t live without Carrie.

Chapter 1

Charles is best man at Angus and Laura’s wedding. Charles and his roommate Scarlett arrive just in time for the wedding. Charles realizes he has forgotten the wedding ring he was supposed to bring for the bridegroom. At the wedding, an American woman named Carrie catches Charles’s attention. After the wedding, Charles and his friends are invited to stay at a nearby castle which is owned by the family of Tom and Fiona. Carrie tells Charles that she is staying at a local pub. Charles begins the trip to the castle but then he decides to make his way back to the pub where he meets Carrie. She is trying to hide from George, a boring guest from the wedding. Carrie and Charles end up spending the night together. Carrie leaves the next morning for the United States.Charles is left to think about her.

Chapter 2

Charles and Scarlett are late again for another wedding. This...
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