Al Capone's Rise to Power

Topics: Al Capone, Five Points Gang, Johnny Torrio Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Al Capone's Rise to Power

Johnny Torrio was a notorious bootlegger from Chicago. He needed a man to run his illegal business. He chose Alfonso Capone from Five Points Gang in New York to be his lieutenant. Capone was able to rise to power by handling the emergencies and by handling political connections.

In 1920, mobster Johnny Torrio had an inspiration. He discovered that there was big money to be made with an outlawed liquor business. He needed a lieutenant to run his business, and picked a 23-year-old bullheaded roughneck Al Capone from Five Points Gang of New York to run his business, to go to Chicago and bootleg. He promised him half the profit for his work. Al Capone was an excellent choice for Johnny Torrio. Al Capone settled in Chicago, in small office. His business card stated, "Alfonso Capone, Secondhand Furniture Dealer".

Alfonso Capone had a great ability to handle the emergency situations. His best way to handle the emergencies was very cruel and wild. He got used to kill people who served as a danger to his business. That was his great ability. When one of the other bootleggers wanted to supply booze to the bar where Al Capone was the king, Capone simply killed him in order to avoid the money loss in his business.

Another great ability Al Capone had was handling political connections. Al Capone, being rich and respected, literally owned police and government officials. With his money and power, he could bribe government officials and police, and even assign his own politicians. For example, his greatest accomplishment was the installment of his own mayor.

Al Capone, without a doubt, is a great person in the history of the United States. He was a very brave and wise guy who single-handedly made a crime a state of art.
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