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Airlines - US - August 2012
Attitudes Toward Airlines and Airline Travel

Key points
The many changes to airline travel over the last few years have been absorbed by air travelers and a majority (77%) agrees that they feel comfortable with the process of flying. However, while air travel is familiar to them, most (65%) feel that it is becoming “more and more of a hassle.” The most affluent air travelers (those with a household income of at least $150K) are also the most frequent flyers and are the least likely to feel that airline employees are knowledgeable and helpful (61%). This means that airlines need to work harder to satisfy their most affluent passengers (who are more likely to buy upgraded services). Investing in customer service training and problem resolution skills may be needed to increase satisfaction among this segment. Younger flyers (aged 18-44) are the most likely to want in-flight internet connectivity. However, although flyers have indicated that in-flight internet is important, few seem willing to pay for it. Since its introduction in 2008, use is said to have increased from an average of 4% in 2010 to 7% in 2011, and that it could reach 10% this year.

Most flyers are familiar with the airport routine, but think it’s a hassle Despite the many changes to the rules surrounding security, check-in processes, baggage allowances, and other aspects of airline travel, a majority of past-year flyers (77%) say they feel comfortable with the airports and airlines and that it all feels familiar. However, nearly two thirds also feel that flying has become more and more of a hassle. Older flyers, in particular, feel this way, likely because they are able to remember the “golden age” of flying before deregulation in 1978. Prior to deregulation, airfares were a set price (regardless of airline) and carriers competed on service level. While flying during this time was far more expensive than it is today, older air...
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