Topics: Airbus, Airbus A320 family, Corporate governance Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Structure and Process:
1.Organizational Structure: Airbus utilizes a vertical hierarchical configuration of departments, authority and job within the company. Refer to figure 9.1. Airbus organizational structure “aims to fully integrate the functions at Airbus, by implementing transnational organizations for industrial operations, programs and procurement” (Karp). According to the C.E.O he state that his structures objective is “to make Airbus a real 'architect and integrator' in airliner development, manufacturing and support,” (Enders). Designing Organizational Structure:

1.Departmentalization: Airbus uses a matrix departmentalization because they utilize a hybrid structure that combines functional and geographical departmentalization together. Airbus has twenty three sites scattered all over the word, however; each sites carries out a particular task which is different from the other. Figure 9.2 show the airbus sites across world (Airbus, 2010). Among those sites, here are the major sites with their specific task: •The China site trains thousands of maintenance engineers, cabin crew and pilots. •The Toulouse, France site is where final assembly lines are located for the A320 Family, A330/A340 and A380. •The Germany site Final assembly takes place here for three of the A320 Family’s four members: the A318, A319 and A321. •Spain site is home to Airbus Military, the new business unit responsible for a full product line of multi-role airlifters, aerial tankers and tactical transports. •British expertise in the design and assembly of aircraft wings has contributed to Airbus’ success from the company’s origin Organizational Authority: “Airbus’ Executive Committee is headed by President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Enders, appointed by the EADS Board of Directors” (Airbus,2010). Refer to figure 9.3. The C.E.O here has the highest authority; he gives command, takes necessary action, and makes decision for the company. Although the Airbus has a strong...
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