Air Conditioning System

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The first large scale electrical air conditioning was inverted by Willis Havilland Carrier in July 17,1902 at Buffalo, NewYork, just one year after he graduated from Cornell university with a masters in engineering. In 1928,WillisHavilland Carrierimproved and developed the residential air conditioner for private home used which call “weather make”.

Air conditioner, namely AC or air-con consists of 4 types of systems, which are window air conditioner,split air conditioner , packaged air conditioner , central air conditioning system. Each of the air conditioner has its own application.

Nowadays the most common air conditioner for people is Split Air Conditioner. A further discuss on this air conditioner will be explained in details.


A split air conditioner contains two separate component sections, one outdoor and one indoor. The outdoor section is a compressor that starts the cooling process, while the indoor component is an evaporator and fan. The two sections are connected with a set of electrical wires and tubing used to transport air between the two sections.

Indoor components

Components| Functions|
| Evaporator coil:
It is where the heat exchange is done with the room. It consists of fins and tubes.| | Remote control:
It is where user control the functions of the air conditioner. Displays at the panel may indicate the mode of operation, timer, on/off status, fan speed and other special functions. Most newer units have remote control feature built into the system.|

| Air Filter:It is located in front of the evaporator coil to trap any dust or particles before going into the evaporator. This is usually washable and re-useable. Users are recommended to clean it at least once in 3 months or more regularly if the environment is dirty.Air Grills: There are supply and return air grills which are where the air enters and discharge from the indoor unit.| | Fan Blower:It is linked together with its motor which is used to control the fan speed of the unit. High, Medium, Low and Ultra Low Speeds are usually designed for users to select.| | Capillary Tube:

It is used as an expansion device where the flow of the refrigerant depends on the tube internal diameter, shape and its length. This tube is usually used in smaller units. Larger units use thermostatic expansion valve which has a controlling valve to control in greater accuracy the flow of the refrigerant.| |

Outdoor Components
Components| Functions|
| Compressor:It is the main component of the system and is used to compress the refrigerant.| | Condenser Coil:It looks very similar to the evaporator with coiled pipes and perpendicular fins.It is used to discard heat from the refrigerant to the outside air. | | Condenser Fan:Itis used in air-cooled condenser to move the air molecules over the surface of the condensing coil, and so rejecting the heat from the indoor to the space outside the building.| | Condenser Motor:Itis usually has two to three speeds. Smaller unit may only have 1 speed of control and turns on/off at the same time with the compressor.|


Air conditioner was design to remove the heat from indoor to outdoor and constant the temperature you want. The refrigeration process of an air conditioner relies on one principle, that an expanding gas absorbs heat. The same principle applies to a CO2 fire extinguisher. As the CO2 expands, it absorbs heat that water vapors in the air solidifies as frost. In the closed refrigeration system, a pump is used to compress a gas and the hot gas is cooled in the ambient air around the unit in the condenser section. The cooled gas will condense into a liquid. The liquid then is routed to the inner area where it passes through a radiator looking area called an evaporator through a temperature controlled expansion valve. The warmer the evaporator section, the wider the valve is open. As the evaporator cools, the valve...
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