Air Asia and Mas

Topics: Airline, Southeast Asia, Malaysia Airlines Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: September 20, 2011
Malaysia Airline (MAS) and Air Asia is the main air transport in Malaysia. The passengers of this two flight company are increasing every year. Their have also creates a lot of destinations to let the customers choose. I have chosen three articles for my reference.

The first article is about interview of new Malaysia Airlines chief executive Azmil Zahruddin. “We are constantly monitoring our network and focusing on the religion that we feel will have high demand, and allow us to increase yields,” says Azmil (2010). He has ordered 35 aircraft and other 20 on option to increase the services and frequencies to destinations in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and North Asia including China, South Asia and Australia. He decided to introduce the new flight that will join the fleet at the start of 2011 to use for new routes such as London, Sydney and Amsterdam. Azmil also says: “The strategy behind the fleet renewal is to provide customers with the better products and match demand with capacity.”(2010) From the article we will know that Malaysia Airlines is always providing the better service to their customers. In my opinion, Malaysia Airline is introducing more routes but the price for the tickets has to be reasonable, because I think not all the people can accept the ticket’s price unless they are economy seat.

Second article is about Air Asia. Mr. Anthony Fernandes mortgaged his house to bought Air Asia together with friends and inventors. Now he has succeeded in bringing out the big companies. Air Asia is now the region’s largest low-cost operator, with a network of 122 routes. “I’ve had a lot more white hair in the process, but it has been worth it,” says Fernandes (2009). From the talk, we know how hardworking he is to meet his target. He introduces the low-cost fee of flight ticket that is acceptable by everyone. Based on what Fernandes (2010) said he is an aggressive entrepreneur, but Asian airport are slow to respond, and if anything...
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