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Topics: Natural selection, Science, Stephen Jay Gould Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science, Stephen Jay Gould, in his narrative essay, “The Terrifying Normalacy of AIDS” explain how AIDS is a natural phenomenon. Gould’s purpose is to convey the idea that, AIDS is a force to be wrecked with and it does not discriminate between human beings. Gould adopts a sentimental tone in order to appeal to similar feelings and experiences in his readers. Taking in consideration in Gould’s true agreement I agree with his evidence about nature and its necessity to human beings. In Gould’s defense supporting evidence for his true argument in the text was the belief that AIDs only was a disease in three irregular groups (needle users, homosexuals, and Haitians), AIDS is real and not a dream/fairy tale. Also that AIDS is a natural phenomenon that can affect your love ones, and you have two choices after discovering AIDS information: (sit on your butt and panic and be scared of the real world or you can make a stand and be that person that help research this disease and find treatments/cures.

Gould focuses more on the spreading of AIDS and how informed people are about AIDS. People need to take responsibility when some diseases are spreading in our community. AIDS is one of the biggest factors for living longer and healthier lives. First of all, technology has a great influence on our society. Gould writes, “With the help of modern technology, we feel there’s really no limit to what can be accomplished.” Jay Gould to explains to the reader that mind and technology have been useless in front of this mysterious disease of AIDS. This is the reason why AIDS can be categorize as a natural phenomenon because Gould describes AIDS as a disease that researchers haven’t found a cure for and so many people die because of this. Gould informs the reader that it can infect you, anyone, or me. We should educate people about AIDS and not just ignore it. In essence AIDS is a life or death situation. Also with lack of our...
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